Artist Statement

As an artist I am a storyteller and a time traveler. I am a thoughtful, compulsive, curious soul who fearlessly explores and never ceases to grow. Through my artwork I seek to expose the inner landscape of my own life.  As I move through experiences, each piece is a sojourn, a pause for reflection, a history of the moment.  In my experiences and reflection I am reminded that we are all on a common path of enlightenment. We all seek autonomy of self while desperate for a sense of connectivity and relevance within our brief time on earth. 


My work is an expression of my fascination with a sense of placement and convergence. For the past 15 years my work has been an attempt to illustrate the elusive “now” as it is both shaped by history and at the same time shaping the future. Especially in the moments where life meets death, where sorrow meets joy, or where despair meets hope, I revel in the magic of “this moment” and the intricate depth of our necessary relationship with everything around us. Through a close examination of nature, I reference its symbolism to connect my audience with our shared experience.  I also use text to reference the language of interrelationships, and draw from the mysteries of the natural world to expose the inner. 


Each piece begins with a birch panel or a piece of found wood as the foundation and I work with a variety of media before finally bringing the piece to the encaustic studio. My current work will more consistently use an intaglio print as a secondary foundation with layers of drawings, materials and finally hot wax. I love to be led by the flow of working hot wax, and to respond intuitively to it as it forms on the pallet. The wax can be manipulated in so many ways by carving, pouring, tinting and layering, and yet every tender graphite line, even the grain of the wood panel remains visible through the layers. It adds a necessary history to each piece.  


The story never ceases to evolve, and I continue to long to turn to the next page. 

© 2018 by Naomi Hart

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